Product Styling:

Application of Graphics to an existing product.

Product Development:

Creation of documentation to produce/evolve a product.

Product Packaging:

Bespoke or standard sized packaging to complete any product.

Product Marketing:

Design and creation of supporting marketing material showcasing your product(s).

Communicate your idea

Many people make the decision to buy a product based purely on what it looks like, we are specialists in product stylisation and development, able to add substantial value to your product and packaging through effective graphics and branding.

Design375 have a wealth of experience and proven track record of creating brand and product styles that align with each other. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly apply a brands message into new and engaging product applications, and follow that through into marketing material for a well rounded, solid and robust corporate identity.

Capable of creating products and liveries from scratch, or evolving an entire global product range, by combining our skillsets in branding, print, digital and web design, we can cater for all of your product design and marketing requirements.


Creation and application of original and eye-catching graphics and branding to products, in order to maximise visual appeal and saleability.


Creation, evolution and refinement of a products form and functionality, before generating detailed specification sheets and artworks for production purposes.


Contemporary and commercial packaging designs that complement the product, along with functional elements such as instruction manuals, labels and tags.


Creation of promotional imagery, USP diagrams, iconography and point of sale media to promote and showcase your product to consumers in print and online.


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